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The Wolverhampton Civic Society was founded in 1960 and in 2010 it merged with the Wolverhampton History and Heritage Society to become the Wolverhampton Civic and Historical Society.

Our aims are to promote the city through talks by expert speakers on various topics relating to Wolverhampton, the promotion of local history research, the erection of blue plaques and the scrutinising of planning applications. We are dedicated to promoting the history and heritage of Wolverhampton and ensuring that any new buildings and developments do not adversely affect the character and image of our great city!

If you love Wolverhampton why not join us and help us in our aims of promoting Wolverhampton's history and environment.You can download membership forms from here.


Society Contact Details:

Wolverhampton Civic and Historical Society
c/o The Old School
73 Dudley Road

Tel: 01902 504741

email: wchs@mail.com

Proposed blue plaque for Enoch Powell,
MP for Wolverhampton South West, 1950-1974

The following statement has been issued by the Wolverhampton Civic and Historical Society (WC&HS) in response to recent interest in a ‘proposal’ of a plaque to commemorate Enoch Powell, who was Member of Parliament for the constituency of Wolverhampton South West between 1950 and 1974. 

We can confirm that the society’s Blue Plaque Secretary has received nominations from members of the public for a plaque to recognise Enoch Powell, along with offers of sponsorship.  As yet, these nominations have neither been 'formalised' nor presented to the WC&HS committee.'  This will take place in due course. 

All nominations for blue plaques in Wolverhampton are welcomed.  The WC&HS committee examines every blue plaque proposal very carefully and there are many factors to consider before a new one can be erected.  A range of criteria are discussed regarding the subject and suitability of the plaque and it is essential that any proposal must include funding, or identify a named sponsor, or source of potential funding.  Final approval of each new plaque is completely at the discretion of the WC&HS committee.  Once agreed, the WC&HS will seek and secure permissions to erect the blue plaque at a suitable location, design the layout and precise wording, and finally commission the production of the bespoke sand casted plaque in a local foundry.  Consequently, there is a great deal of work to do before every new blue plaque comes to fruition and the WC&HS already have a large number of new ones in 'the pipeline'.

When, a formal proposal for a blue plaque for Enoch Powell is presented to the WC&HS committee, a decision will be taken about how best to proceed with the matter.  Rest assured, the committee are fully appreciative of the sensitivities involved in the matter of this particular plaque. 

The WC&HS currently have over 100 commemorative blue plaques spread across the city.  All plaques erected by the WC&HS are privately sponsored and/or funded purely by donations.  The WC&HS operates on membership subscription basis and is run entirely by volunteers.  Wolverhampton's commemorative blue plaques are just one element of the many WC&HS activities that celebrate the city’s local history and heritage.  Please visit our website for more details (www.cityofwolverhampton.com).

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Wolverhampton Civic and Historical Society
Celebrating Wolverhampton  and local history
Website: http://www.cityofwolverhampton.com/index.html
The Old School, 73 Dudley Road WV2 3BY
WCHS is a registered charity 1091761 run by volunteers.

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